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What is a change project?

A project requires the science of project management. A change project however truly reaches into the hearts of constituents. We are changing the way we do our work - an important part of all our lives.

For change projects - those that impact people, it's necessary to layer the art of change leadership upon the science of project management.

"This is a tool with value like I've never seen before - real action steps that if applied can help you lead change in a way that is embraced by your organization."
- Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company
President, High Point University

The System

Change Project Management - The Next Step, The System for Change Leaders is a comprehensive system using a multimedia approach - text in a large, easy to use, indexed three-ring binder, instructional procedures, audio CD instruction and mentoring from the author, and all the tools, forms, and planning assessments needed to successfully lead change.

Following are the System components.

Change Project Management - The Next Step: System Components
Phases / Activities / Key Deliverables

for Change
Leverage Points
Risk Factors
Team / Sponsor Capabilities
Org Impacts
Monitoring Mechanism
Vision/Mission Clarity
Communication Approach
New Constituents
Success Metrics
Messages & Presentations
Project Kickoff
Implementation Kickoff
Common Understanding of the Change
Explore Perceptions (+/-)
Explore Consequences of Supporting Change
Organization Assessment
Employee Assessment
Organization Discovery
Work Plan
Communication Plan
Communication Campaign Execution
Change Issues / Communication Action Items
Change Issues / Action Items
Supporting Techniques
Dealing with Resistance Outside Influences Maintaining Momentum Leveraging Change

The System's Table of Contents

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    What is a Change Project?
    Are you a Change Leader?
    Preparing for Change
    Implementing the Change Project
    Change Leader Skill Sets

The Components of Organizational Change Projects

    Preparing for Change

        Stakeholder Analysis
        Change Project Planning/Monitoring Workshop
        Building the Foundation for Change

    Implementing the Change Project

        Dealing with Resistance
        Launching the Communication Campaign
        Change Breakthrough Analysis
        Maintaining Momentum
        Handling Outside Influences
        Change Readiness
        Leveraging Change

Change Project Management Skill Sets

    Planning Concepts
    Project-Time Management
    Coalition Building
    Decision Making
    Active Listening
    Meeting Management
    Change Communication

"For the last 30 years I have seen the impact on people of poorly managed corporate change projects - chaos, confusion, frustration, helplessness, and worse. Finally, Jim Canteruci provides the guidance to those leading change efforts so employees not only survive but thrive through the process."
- Steve Wilson, MA
Organizational Psychologist

The System is not filled with techniques to simply make people feel good about the change. It is written not for Human Resources specialists but rather for those on the front-line leading change in an organization.

  • Are you a change leader?
  • Are you a project manager, even a PMP, without a complete tool kit?
  • Are you the leader of a PMO without a solid organizational change leadership process?
  • Are you an executive who is not reaping the full return on investment for your projects?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The System is for you.

Invest in Change Project Management - The Next Step

 The System

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This is about strategy, action steps, implementation, and execution.

"This is very relevant to initiatives that I'm currently working on."
- Sandy Loy
American Electric Power

Here's a quick review of The System components you'll receive:

  • Change Project Management - The Next Step - A large three-ring binder jam-packed with mindset, concepts, approaches, procedures, action plans, assessments, and tools organized in a very practical fashion so you can plug them into a current change initiative immediately, or organize a new change initiative from scratch.
  • A data CD containing all forms, tools, and examples in an electronic format that you can manipulate to meet your needs. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Audio CDs in which Jim Canterucci, the author, mentors you, walks you through examples, answers your potential questions, and turbo-charges your use of The System.
  • Special Report - Communication Mastery for the Service Provider and Those Who Lead Change White Paper.
  • Coupon - Critique of your communication materials - a $500 value.
  • Live Presentation Discount - Investing in The System qualifies you for a 10% discount for a live, onsite presentation for your group. There is no better way to reinforce using the approaches in Change Project Management - The Next Step then a live presentation from the author to get your team started.
  • 90 Day Complete Guarantee - Remember you have a full 90 days to decide if The System provides you value.
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Invest in Change Project Management - The Next Step

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